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خاک جادویی - Magic Soil

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Magical soil:
Agricultural and plant-based food and medicine are among the challenges that mankind has always faced throughout history.
Along with the development of technology and the emergence of modern communities, as well as the sustainability of sustainable pollution, need
Human nature is also so important that today, around the world, the country and the region
It can not be found that there is no cultivation of varieties of horticultural plants, nor can any region be found suitable for the cultivation of all gardening plants. The reason is that each
The plant needs special weather conditions and earthy conditions, and this is the most important factor
It is a limiting factor for its growth.
This led magical soil experts to produce a product that would be able to adapt plants around the world to water conditions in addition to producing earths rich in plant nutrition.
And air of Iran. This soil contains food that meets the moisture requirements of the plants and protects the root against fungi, insects and various types of pests, as well as modern gardening.
Provides all the root needs of the plants.
Here you will mention the plants used for breeding them from magical soil
(Free space plants) is recommended.
Vegetables: includes varieties of root vegetables, onions, tubers, jasmine, cabbage and ...
Cuckoo: Jasmine cluster, rose, lace, budghay, pirachantha, smoked, endless tree and ...
Evergreen: Jasmine Dutch, Shamshad, Camilla, Salt, Magnolia, Aylex, Algnius, Flower Paper and ...
Onions and stems: Hyacinth, Tulipa, Narcissus, Akhtar, Lizard, Shipori, Maryam, Saffron, Susan,
Peace and ...
One-year-old seasonal flowers: Sahar, Atlas, Pearl, Amaranth, Achallantus, Amazon and ...
3 and 2-year-old flowers: Golestan, Mountain climbing, Carnation, Finger grass, Night Boy, Parish,
Salvia, CROPITIS and ...
Perennial flowers: geranium, christian demum, davoody, primchal, cyclamen, marigold, gerbera,
Extreme and ...
Fruit :
Dried fruits: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and ...
Nutrient fruits: Cherry, Cherry, Apricot, Peach, Nylon ...
Grain fruits: apple, pear, hawthorn, goat, grape ...
Fruit Evergreen Trees: Citrus, Nitrite, Vegil, Avocado, Olive, Papaya, Mango, Blueberries and ...
trees :
Crayfish: Maple, Sepidar, Arar, Elder, Sycamore, Acacia, Tobacco, Asparagus and ...
Evergreen: Pine, Cedar, Palm, Leaf, Yew ...
Evergreen plants Imported: Pine Cedrus Deodoras, Pine Noelle, Pine Atlanta, Pine Noelle Blue,
Cyrus Lawson, Cummins Paris, Tobias American, Tactus Bakata, Caucoat, Cripto Marya, Mahoney, Camilla
Azalia, Roselia, Magnolia, Nenniece, Redfish Flyers and ...
Succulents and sails: Gummy Lacha, Lacha, Ajuka, Kalanquia, Glucoma, Heloxin, Franconia,
Elktrantas and ...
Long and short lawns: Foscoca, Grospe Agros, Bermuda Gras, Daikondra and ...
Shrubs: Rosemary, Lavender, Yarrow, Silver Cloud, Veronium, Short Base Candles and ...
Magic Soil Freezing Plants:
It contains plant and mineral biological materials that prevent the spread of root and fungi
Stems and can also be reptiles and fighting pests and insects that are harmful to non-combat them will completely destroy the plants.
In addition, after using this product, it can be ensured that the plants are as needed
They use resources that are rich in food.
Also, PH, moisture and soil EC conditions are well adjusted and provide a solid substrate for the plant.
Instructions for use :
Its use is the same for all plants of free space and can be ignored
The proportion and type of plant used in the pot, garden or garden of the product.
Economic point: If you plan to replace or enhance the soil, you have a pot, garden or garden.
You can strengthen the part 30 cm above the soil. Gardener who intends to plant seedlings
They can also have only 80 x 70 cm of gauze on the reinforced soil
And use the Magic Supplemental Fertilizers to keep them active every year.
Food tip:
This soil will be consumed by the plant (consumed) and will be reduced yearly and you can instead
Use animal fertilizers and ... Drop your soil back into the desired bed. It does this
An annual extension of all foods, toxins and regulators.

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